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BlongoBall Rules and Strategies

Watch the Demo

The rules for playing BlongoBall are simple and easy to learn. Officially the BlonGoals should be 25 feet apart, but one reason the game is so popular with so many different groups is that the distance between goals can also be closer. In a therapy setting or at an elementary school for example, the distance may be significantly reduced.

BlongoBalls are thrown by holding one ball in your hand and swinging it slowly back and forth underhanded. When ready, throw the BlongoBall at the opposite goal releasing so the BlongoBall flies with a backward rotation.

Points are scored when the BlongoBall hangs from one of the horizontal bars of the BlonGoal. The game is played until one person or team reaches exactly 21 points.

You may throw a BlongoBall and knock your opponent's BlongoBall off of a horizontal bar. This removes the corresponding points from your opponent's total and is a legitimate defensive strategy.

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"This game sells itself... Once a customer plays it they are hooked and have to have one."
Louie Etie
BlongoBall Dealer

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